With so many website building platforms available to you, why would you choose WordPress? That question is a little bit like asking yourself, why should I have a high spec car over one that will get me from A to B? The answer is simple: You have a lot more options available to you with the higher-spec machine when you compare it to the lower models.

Those options may seem daunting to you at first; however, as you gain an understanding of them, you will never want to use an inferior product again. Not only will you have access to the 50,000+ plugins to choose from (do not worry, that is where we can help), but you will also be able to gain a superior site speed over any other platform.

Why Does Site Speed Matter?

You have probably just asked yourself that very question. However, one of the considerations that Search engines make when ranking your site is the speed at which it loads. If you have a slow page or website, your rankings within the SERPs will go down.

Also, imagine the next scenario:

You search for a term that you want to find out about and see a couple of sites that you do not fit your requirements well. You then see one that appears to offer you precisely what you are looking for. That is when you click on the link expecting to see the results. However, after ten seconds, the page is still blank. You are likely to click back and continue searching.

Sounds familiar, right? Well, Google now sees that as a “bounce” on your page, with only a ten-second “on page” time. Google thinks that the site is irrelevant to the search term, and moves it lower down in the rankings. However, that page may have answered all of the search terms questions, and more, but the Google algorithm has punished your site for being slow.

Gecko With WordPress
WordPress Speed Optimization Service
As you have seen, the speed of a website does matter. Here at Digital Geckos, we understand that many factors need to go into your WordPress database Optimization. It is also evident to many people that when you speed up WordPress, you will see a significant increase in your rankings and organic traffic. Here we will show you what our WordPress speed optimization specialists can do for your site:
  • WordPress database optimization. – Dynamic web applications such as WordPress require an optimized database to perform well, and it is one of the core factors in speed.
  • WordPress load time optimization. – It is not just a landing page that will require load time optimization. We will fully enhance your whole website to increase your visit time through better page load times.
  • Search Engine Optimization for WordPress websites. – If you would like to see our SEO packages, click here.
  • WordPress mobile optimization. – With more people using mobile devices, you are losing out on ~50% of traffic if you do not optimize for them.
  • Best image optimization plugins for WordPress. – Large images can significantly increase load time. Compressed images can make the site look bad. We provide a compression service to get maximum quality through minimal size.
  • Optimal plugins. – We will install the best plugins for your requirements while giving advice about what you do not need.
When you consider that there is a growing number of people using their mobile devices to access websites, the mobile optimization point above is still often overlooked by many SEO companies. However, we pride ourselves in keeping up with the growing trends and adapting websites to allow for a better user experience all round. If you would like to see how we can help you get better rankings and more visitors, thus more conversions, please contact us.

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