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We are a small team of two, both the managers of the two sections of Digital Geckos. We have Eddie, the head of SEO, and me, Steve, the head of content. We also have three Virtual Assistants who are sub-contractors to do some of the “lighter” work for us, enabling us to concentrate on the finer details of the work that we carry out.

To date, we have carried out bespoke content and SEO services for 160+ clients, all in less than one year, all of whom were delighted with the results that they received. Not only that but 40%+ of our customers are recurring month over month, proving that our work is second to none.

Why Do People Choose Us?

In a single sentence: We create a bespoke service for every client that we work with.

Our custom plans are based on many aspects of customers requirements. For example, what works for a new site will not work for an established, old site, and visa versa. Furthermore, local SEO and e-commerce have entirely different requirements, too. That is why we only ever create custom projects for every client that we have, according to the site and customer budgets.

What makes us different?

We are busy people, just like our clients are, and we understand that. So, our approach was to incorporate everything that anyone owning a website would want and need to get their vision and company in front of more people.

Not only did we want to give people more free time for themselves, but we also wanted them to have more free cash to use during their free time. We looked through countless service providers for a long time in order to ascertain how much they were charging for certain services, and we combined them into individual packages at a substantially lower cost than the competition. Furthermore, we can also write in any English dialect; United Kingdom, United States, Australia, etc.

Thank You

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have trusted us to work with them and continue to do so. We hope that we will be able to continue our trusted process for a long time to come.


Another thank you that we would like to give is to Corporate Vision Magazine.

In February 2020, we, as Digital Geckos, were approved for submission to the magazine as nominees for the Technology Innovator Awards.

We were delighted with the nomination; however, we thought that it would be left there, as a nomination.

21 May 2020, we received an email with this image as the header:

Technology Innovator Awards
Technology Innovator Awards


We are so happy to have won the award, and we appreciate all of the people that decided that we should win it.

Thank you all.

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