Turnkey Websites For Sale

Let me and my professional team help you with a head start if you are looking for a fresh venture in the digital marketing world, we have a couple of starter websites for sale.

TargetDomain RatingReferring DomainsNicheNotable BacklinksPrice (USD)Other Notes
Productive-Garden.com1635GardeningN/A34910.000 words
project-scarlett.com05Xbox XN/A34910.000 words
ps5ssd.com4.433PlayStation 5Wikipedia39910.000 words
HigleyArts.org1161ArtsYahoo, YellowPages, Ktar, GoldStar, Srpnet, ArizonaFoothillsMagazine, Gilbertaz.gov44910.000 words
Taroe.org2644Tenants / UKWikipedia, BBC, GOV.uk, Bristol.gov.uk, myzen.co.uk, e-voice.org.uk, themovechannel.co.uk, IFSECglobal.com44910.000 words
edailystar.com37570MagazineLeParisien, France24, FirstPost, Orange, WorldNow51001000+ articles (~800.000+ words)
002.ro679Auto / Calculator Auto / User Generated ContentSoftpedia, RomaniaJournal, RSTForums2200Custom script - City A to City B / KM + Gas Calculator
renewablepedia.com11108Renewable Energyvictronenergy.com, himalaya.com, Many EDU links3500~ 90.000 native english words + Custom videos + Instagram account
unblockedgames.live034Unblocked GamesN/A65026.000 words - 50 articles
Breakdown of what you get on summary:

Premium licensed theme

$ ~70
  • List Item #3

Premium SEO Plugin

$ 30
  • List Item #3


$ 10-40
  • List Item #3

Website optimization as per cache, delivery, and speed at highest levels

$ ~250
  • List Item #3

Image optimizations

$ ~10-20
  • List Item #3

Keywords research

$ ~50
  • List Item #3

Expired domains

(not all the sites)
$ 100-400
  • List Item #3

All in one: You will spend over 800 USD to have a decent starter site ready to roll, many hours of working, waiting for the writers to deliver, building the website, optimizing it and so on.

You may ask why I am selling it at so low cost?

Because all the work is done in-house, simple. We do not outsource it as many others do, we must keep going, even if we make a small profit off this, we like to build websites and help others as we believe in karma.

Full details below

What I am offering you.

A complete turnkey website ready to roll. All you need is a basic web hosting and a NameCheap/NameBright/etc account to push the domain to you.


10.000 words divided into articles written by native English writers.

Licensed theme (paid)

1 year free updates via official route The fast theme, clean, mobile-first.

SEO Plugin (paid)

1 year free updates via official route

  • Titles and meta – Global and article related
  • XML sitemap
  • HTML sitemap
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Facebook Open Graph
  • Twitter Card
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Cookie bar / GDPR notice
  • Advanced SEO options (cleaning the source code from unnecessary code of lines, 15+ features)
  • Dublin core
  • Structured Data Types (schema.org)
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Custom robots.txt
  • Custom RSS
  • White label in source code
  • Schemas

Professional cache, delivery system

  • Separate cache for desktop and mobile users
  • Minify HTML, CSS, JavaScript, combining Google Fonts
  • Query strings from static resourced, jQuery migrate removed
  • Force JavaScript to load deferred
  • Heartbeat control
  • Lazy load feature for images and videos
  • Emoji disabled
  • Embeds disabled
  • Preload sitemap
  • Auto database clean up


  • All images optimized via a premium plugin.
  • CDN via Photon if needed.


  • Premium Logo
  • SSL Tweaks + security - HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) preload

How to earn once ranking?

There are many ways to earn from this type of site: Affiliates, AdSense, CPA, Guest Posts, whatever suits you best.