Why We Love SEOPress and Not Yoast or RankMath? (Review)

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SEO Plugins are a must these days, not just for professionals but also for casual bloggers. They help you with a friendly interface to set up your blog ready for search engines and social networks. Doing SEO for so many years, we try and switch from one SEO plugin to another, on new projects, just to test their interface, features. Furthermore, for us, it is imperative to find out what is in the source code. I am not going to lie; I was more than a fan of Yoast until almost two years ago when I tested SEOPress and fell in love with it.

Why SEOPress? – Our Honest Review.

First of all, the premium version is accessible for any casual blogger, and it will not break your bank! More than that, you can use it on unlimited sites.

Why we choose SEOPress instead of Yoast?

Yoast still rules the world as it became a global brand. When someone asks for “the best SEO plugin,” as we mentioned above, the answer was Yoast. We used it as well, for many years. It’s easy to set up; you don’t need to be an expert in the field to set it up as it only contains basic things.

Still, we switch to SEOPress from the day we test it. I’m going to tell you why.

Seo Press Pros
Seo Press Pros

SEOPress Pro’s

  1. Structured data types + schema.
  2. Local business.
  3. WooCommerce.
  4. HTML Sitemap, yes, you read that right! Not just XML basic versions.
  5. Google analytics integration + Cookie bar + Custom tracking + Stats in the dashboard (what more do you want?).
  6. Advanced SEO options – it helps to clean the source code from unnecessary WordPress related lines of code in seconds.
  7. Google News setup.
  8. Dublin core.
  9. Broken link monitoring, redirections, URL rewriting, and backlink checks via Majestic services straight from your WordPress panel.
  10. White label (front end and backend as well).
  11. Use it on unlimited sites.

And more, all this at a fair price and stellar customer support.

SEOPress Cons

Note*: These are small issues we found doing tests on many sites.

Seopress Cons
Seopress Cons
  1. If you use Nginx and if you are not a bit advanced in terms of coding, it will be very hard as it’s some kind of conflict between the plugin and Nginx servers. Therefore, you will need to insert a few lines of code manually (just copy/paste) once the plugin error pops in.
  2. Conflicts can appear when you import the configuration from another SEO plugin, always double-check metas and open graphs after import.
Other notes

If you don’t know what are you doing, it can hurt your SEO structure, few of our customers complain just because they play with the plugin.

Final line

Try it, thank us later! We are not affiliated with them, so no worries, this is not just another random review to make some sales, our job is not in the affiliate marketing world, we figured we would give a small and honest shout out for them as they deserve it.

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