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SEO for photographers works like SEO for any other business and inherently relies on a massive online dominance.

At a glance, the goal of SEO is to get to the top of Google’s first page when a user searches for something using a set of keywords related to your service.

That may sound like sailing through calm seas at the most basic level, but defying the setbacks set by search engines is a rather complicated task.

Well, do you feel like your photography business could get more clients if you just presented it in front of the right clients?

Without a doubt, you could be taking beautiful photos and have spent countless hours making your website perfect, but you won’t achieve your business goal if you don’t use the right SEO strategy.

Like any other business, wedding SEO is one of the most invaluable elements to get more clients and make your business incredibly profitable.

That is because traffic that is consistent every month and generates reliable inquiries could translate to conversions and repeat clients.

Keeping in mind that you’re a wedding photographer – not a computer guru,SEO can be a daunting task.

That is where Digital Geckos – one of the top professional SEO companies for wedding photography agencies – comes in.

About Digital Geckos

The gecko is known for its incredible ability to defy gravity using its sticky feet by patching and hopping from one branch to another.

At Digital Geckos, we’ve brought this natural ability of the gecko into perspective and translated it to digital expertise meant to help websites defy the odds of search engines and occupy the most coveted top position.

From keyword research to usage, image optimization, metadata and usage of alt-titles, our experts at Digital Geckos garner all the energy they have to get your website to the top of page 1.

One notable element of Digital Geckos is that we have different categories of packages meant to accommodate your unique business needs based on your financial muscle.

That said, outsourcing our professional services starts with contacting us and giving our experts a comprehensive overview of your goals.

Afterwards, we’ll create a plan that will translate to be a workable strategy in ranking your website at the top.

SEO is a complex topic that has no official documentation, and even Google’s engineers have admitted that they don’t fully comprehend how some portions of the web crawler work.

Even so, we have so much to offer at Digital Geckos and having been certified by Google, Bing, SEMrush, YouTube and HubSpot.

Here is a facet of the results emanating from the services we can offer. 

Providing quality content

The secret ingredient to getting on the top of the first page of Google and any other search engine is providing quality content.

You actually need to be the best of the best.

Keep in mind that Google accounts for over ¾ of all internet users, and its primary objective is helping people answer questions and solve all problems based on their search query.

If Google starts showing awful results on the first page, those users will be disappointed and go to other places to search for information.

Before working on your wedding photography website, our SEO experts from Digital Geckos evaluate whether your site is multiple times better than the sites ranking on the first page of Google for a given set of keywords or search queries.

Afterwards, our experts will need to ascertain that whoever visits your website are highly satisfied with the information they find and find answers to their question adequately that they won’t have to visit any other site.

Search engines always evolve to mimic human behaviour, and will always have quality as the top priority in ranking websites.

Helping you find talent

Wedding photography is a very competitive yet incredibly profitable venture.

If you are, say, fully booked, your business is already booming, and you don’t need any more clients, SEO will help you outsource more second shooters and lighting assistants.

Rather than having to go out and finding assistants on networking sites and forums, a highly visible website would give you a better chance of receiving inquiries for photography opportunities.

With a good website, you can receive lots of applicants and having talent find you, rather than spending lots of hours looking for assistants.

Saves you time

You’re a wedding photographer, and the least of your worries should be trying to understand Google algorithms and getting your website to the top.

With Digital Geckos, all you’ll have to do is hand over the technical work of ranking your page to allow you to focus on the important things of your business.

Increasing your visibility using SEO will build your clientele, help you enhance your visibility and make profitable connections.

This huge network can help you get more coaching opportunities, workshop bookings, and several other streams of revenue.

When you have an incredible idea of a new photography gadget, your followers would be the first people to support the idea, consequently making your business increasingly profitable.

Website optimization

One critical element of SEO is optimizing your website to have a more user-friendly and captivating interface.

At Digital Geckos, our SEO experts will optimize your website by making it have the same features and website loading speed both in mobile handsets and personal computers.

Keep in mind that many people own mobile handsets. Still, there is a massive disparity in how images and texts from a non-optimized website appear in mobile handsets and personal computers.

That said, it is imperative to optimize the image loading speed, resolution, and dimensions appropriately to avoid any issues to do with website appearance on the user’s end.


Showing off your photos is key to getting more business leads as a photographer.

If you decide to market your services through social media exclusively, you might not get the same amount of leverage as someone with a website.

At the same time, a non-optimized website could be as good as not having a site in the first place.

Therefore, outsourcing professional wedding SEO services is key to getting your website rank highly on Google.

Contact us today to help you rank your website to the top of page 1.

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