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Travel agents have always played an enormous role in the travel industry.
Unlike in the past, there has been a paradigm shift in the way consumers search for travel agents. Various polls and workforce studies show that about 80% of all trips are booked online.
Although a significant portion of flights and hotels are booked on mainstream websites, independent tour operators and travel agents are most preferred in purchasing bespoke trips online.
That is why visibility in search engines remains a top priority for most travel agencies.
The evolving search engine landscape demands the integration of the latest SEO tactics to get your website to the top, consequently increasing sales and valuable leads.
When it comes to SEO for the travel industry, garnering positive feedback and making yourself stand out are essential components. Still, you need to understand the fine details of SEO that allows you to rank high in search engines, giving your site exposure and more views.
Admittedly, most travel agencies feel that cracking the embedded codes in search engines is like decoding WWII missile codes.
Without a doubt, getting your website to the top is possible, but you’ll need some level of expertise.
Keeping in mind that there is immense competition in the travel industry and thousands of other agencies are trying to occupy that coveted position, we can help you take care of your technical needs.
At Digital Geckos, we believe that time is a priceless asset and that you need to focus on the big things as we handle the smaller items for you.
Read on to learn more.

About Digital Geckos

Based in Britain, Digital Geckos is a travel SEO agency that has helped thousands of websites occupy the most coveted top position.

From keyword research and usage to alt-titles, meta description, image optimization and content requirements, our SEO experts at Digital Geckos can help you defy Google algorithms.

You see, Google accounts for almost ¾ of all internet users and is obligated to provide meaningful content based on the users’ search queries.

For this reason, Google has adopted various algorithms that are implemented by web crawlers or ‘spiders’ that crawl from page to page as they look for meaningful content based on a user’s search query.

While there is no official documentation on how to get to the top spot in Google, our experts have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you can apply these tactics to get there.

We are certified by professional bodies like Google, HubSpot, SEMrush, Bing and YouTube as one of the top SEO agencies that abide by all policies and regulations of these platforms.

Read on to understand the benefits of choosing Digital Geckos as your SEO travel agency.

Increase in traffic

One of the essential elements of SEOis research and the natural usage of SEO travel keywords.

If you run a vacation agency, for example,Google will give your user search results based on the specific keywords they enter. If someone searches for the keyword ‘cheap vacation destinations,’ they’re probably looking for pocket-friendly vacation destinations, and Google will show the results based on the available keywords on your website.

Using keywords requires some balance between using their short-tail and long-tail forms. While long-tail keywords work with maximum efficacy, using short-tail keywords areessential as well.

When used correctly, keywords will drive traffic specific to what you’re offering, and there is a higher chance for your prospective clients to access the services you’re offering more easily.

A cheaper marketing method

One notable perk of Digital Geckos is that we have a set of customized payment packages from which you’ll choose based on your marketing requirements.

Companies across the globe are spending lots of money on advertising.

While advertising is the heart of every business in increasing awareness and channeling business revenue to the firm, you can spend more than what your company pays off if you don’t use the right strategy.

Unlike other marketing methods that involve paying bloggers or website owners for ads, SEO involves content and a website that would channel relevant traffic to your site.

Talking about relevant traffic, most websites with ads are visited by several people who don’t intend to purchase the products or services being advertised. Besides, paying per click costs an average of $2 – out of which you won’t have the guarantee of having conversions.

With Digital Geckos, our SEO experts will provide affordable SEO services that are cheaper compared to other conventional advertisement methods.

Digital Geckos SEO leverages social media platforms

Social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are characterized by people updating their statuses, talking about different events or various economic and political discussions.

Keeping in mind that content shared on these platformscan go viral, SEO leverages this marketing strategy to increase brand awareness in an incredibly magnified way.

With the use of appropriate social media marketing strategies, Digital Geckos can get your website to the top and increase brand awareness, leads, and sales across different social platforms.

Website optimization

Across the globe, many people use mobile handsets more than personal computers.

Different studies have revealed that the useof mobile devices has skyrocketed in the recent past andused by most internet visitors.

Therefore, optimizing content to appear on mobile devices the same way it would look on a personal computer is incredibly essential in increasing traffic.

Among these ways is optimizing website loading speed, using the appropriate image density, resolution and size to enhance the overall image opening speed on the side of the customer.

With Digital Geckos, ourSEO experts will handle the technical website and image optimization to enhance customer experience and potentially drive more traffic to your site.


SEO allows you to go ahead of the curve and stay afloat in an incredibly competitive environment.

By using the right SEO strategy, you’re putting yourself ahead of the map and allowing users to see what you have to offer.

While SEO for travel agencies has proven to work, sometimes it can be a daunting task.

At Digital Geckos, however, all you’ll have to do is provide a comprehensive report on your unique business needs to our SEO team and watch the magic done for you.

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