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Law is a well-respected professional across the globe that comes with overwhelming reputational and responsibility.

After spending years of delving into books, reading for exams, and having to defend your dissertation, you certainly don’t want to continually solicit new clients by battling with the competition in the law landscape.

Many attorneys are being admitted to the bar every year, and this means more infiltration, redundancy, and stiff competition.

Without a doubt, you can be enhancing your skills and knowledge every single day, but without the right marketing strategy, you won’t achieve much in your profession.

If you’re an accomplished lawyer, the chances are that you may overlook search engine optimization. Worse still, it may not be in your bucket list at all.

However, if your law firm or attorney company doesn’t appear on the top page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines, the chances of finding new clients would be meager.

No one ever has the time to click ‘next page’ in this digital era, and what this means is that you’ll need to appear at least on the first page to achieve significant results.

Various studies show that the top 5 results that appear in search engines account for more than 67% of sale conversions – which means that appearing below this number could be devastating.

At Digital Geckos, our lawyer website SEOexperts will help you defy the odds of search engines and appear not only on the first page but also on the lucrative top position.

About Digital Geckos

Digital Geckos is a lawyer SEO marketing company with a team of well-trained professionals with deep expertise in beating google algorithms and scaling your page to the top.

With years of training and research on various SEO models, our experts have proven a hundred times over that it is possible to rank a lawyer page to the top position.

Besides, we have hundreds of customer testimonials to back our claims, and we’ve been certified by bodies like Google, Bing, YouTube, SEMrush, and HubSpot.

To accommodate your unique business needs, we’ve created customized packages that are designed to work with maximum efficacy regardless of your law firm. Additionally, our pricing is categorized in separate packages to make you pay no more than what your company wants to.

We have some well-trained customer support agents who offer seamless customer support solutions and are available for five days a week.

If you’re still wondering how lawyer SEO services could make a difference in your law practice, the revelation that over 95% of people look for legal services online could change your perspective. At the same time, out of 87% of the people who contact attorneys online, more than 70% contact only one attorney before making a hiring decision.

Simply said, you’ll garner yourself almost ¾ of the clients looking for attorneys online if you up your game by ensuring your page ranks at the top in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

From keyword research and usage to alt-titles, meta description, image optimization, content creation, and Yoast optimization, the benefits of choosing Digital Geckosare overwhelming. Let’s take a look.

More conversions

The more prospective clients reach out to you, the higher chances you’ll have to convert them into paying recurrent clients.

Besides, with SEO to bring more clients to your table, you’ll have more time to focus on the essential parts of your business.

This means you’ll have more time to listen to the needs of your new clients, more time for research and build a comprehensive case rather than spending so much time on marketing strategies.

Targeted traffic

When someone goes to look for a service online, they know what exactly they’re looking for.

In other words, you might be offering exemplary legal services, but if you don’t have an effective marketing strategy, you may not reach out to your desired audience.

With Digital Geckos, our team of well-trained professionals will optimize your website with the best lawyer SEO marketing strategies to make yourself available for your targeted traffic.

This approach is much more effective than say, pay per click advertising on social media networks, since people clicking on those ads won’t necessarily be needing your lawyer services.

That said, relevant traffic is a hundred times more beneficial than irrelevant traffic.

Enhancing the readability of your website

There’s no doubt that you’re a phenomenal writer as a lawyer, and you’ve mastered your way with words and legal jargon.

While this level of technicality is what you professionally do for a living, it can be difficult for people to understand.

Keep in mind that your prospective client could not be well-versed with these terms and feel intimidated when they don’t understand the terms being explained.

With Digital Geckos, our SEO experts will craft content that’s easy to understand, no matter how technical the discussions might be.

The main goal of enhancing readability in SEO is that it increased the dwell time on your website, consequently leading to a higher conversion rate.

That is achieved by focusing on the simplicity of the content, keeping it clear and ready, observing proper organization, and maintaining the logic of the topics.

Creating engaging content for your website

This element of SEO goes hand in hand with enhancing readability since it helps readers stay on your page for longer.

The content uploaded on the web should scream to your audience and make your target eager to contact your company for services.

That said, our SEO experts at Digital Geckos create engaging and compelling content by incorporating keywords naturally, prioritizing on body content, and metadata.

Build your brand authority

Google is a reputable company, and people place much trust in it.

When your website appears at the top of search results, that trust is transferred to your brand.

Users hardly ever navigate to the second or third pages, so showing up on the first page would be proportional to your business success.

Some workforce studies also show that some users trust search engines more than traditional mainstream media.

For this reason, adhering to SEO best practices is an incredible way not only to drive traffic but also to earn that coveted brand authority of appearing on the first page of search results.


The most rewarding perk of a well-optimized website is increased traffic from search results.

If you have colossal site traffic, you can be confident that a considerable percentage of visitors will convert to be long-term clients.

With Digital Geckos, you’ll receive personalized assistance based on your business needs, and our experts will help you defy all odds to reach the top of search engines.

Contact us today and let our well-trained team handle all the technical SEO for you.

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