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Whether you’re running an online fashion store or just a blog, you’ll need SEO practices like the rest of the businesses.
Fashion is an incredibly competitive industry that necessitates maintaining the latest SEO practices to help you beat search engine algorithms and stay on top of the game.
Over the last decades, fashion has been subject to changes in the industry, and immense shifts have been witnessed in terms of market outreach, online traffic, and sales.
Since the digital era came into the scene, buyers have shifted their shopping habits to an immense focus on online retail and e-commerce,mainly because it’s convenient for them.
Fashion websites, social media pages, blogs, and websites have continuously become a hot topic for most consumers, and it’s continually becoming a norm for many people.
With the increasing level of competition in a highly dynamic field, SEO for fashion e-commerce is imperative for any business, and this is where Digital Geckos comes in.
Whether you own a large company or small blog, Digital Geckos offer a wide range of payment packages that are tailored to meet your specific business needs.
From custom images to metadata, Yoast optimization, keyword research, blog post ideas, and seamless customer support, our experts at Digital Geckos have much to offer.
Below are some of the overwhelming benefits of choosing Digital Geckos for your SEO needs.

Keyword research with trends in mind

One of the most fundamental SEO principles is using well-researched keywords and placing them naturally in the text.
For instance, if you have a shop that deals with men’s leather shoes, a keyword like “leather shoes” won’t work with the same efficacy as the keyword “men’s leather shoes with a brown finish.”
Besides looking for the best keywords to use, you must have fresh content, up to date, and cut out any unnecessary sentences in your sales page to avoid ‘boring’ your prospective clients.
While long-tail keywords work very well with search engines, using short-tail keywords is also imperative to help you stay at the top.
At Digital Geckos, our SEO experts will help you stay on top of the game by striking a balance between long-tail and short-tail keywords.

Image optimization

Without a doubt, some buyers rely more on the visual impression of your product rather than the sales text.
With Digital Geckos, our experts will help you choose optimized images and ensure each image has the right dimensions, quality, and format.
This is because these three aspects will catch the eye of your prospective client and make you stand out from the competition across all platforms.
If you, for instance, place a large image on your website or blog post, it may significantly slow down the loading speed of the image. Still, if the image loads successfully, they might not be thrilled with the quality of your product.
That said, reducing the size of your image file and cropping it to suit your website will reduce the loading time when someone visits your site.

Engaging content

Nothing is such a put-off to your prospective clients like run-on sentences that are full of clutter and fluffy, filler content.
Remember that there are several other fashion websites, and boring your prospective client with filler content could reduce your chances of making a sale.
SEO for fashion e-commerce is a great way to talk about and promote your products by engaging your readers with good-quality content and naturally introducing influential keywords.
With refreshing content and the use of trendy fashion-related phrases, you’ll be more inclined to engage with your audience and have a massive volume of conversions.

Enhancing user experience

A strong sense of engagement leads to a high volume of conversions.
With SEO for fashion e-commerce, creating engaging content, and understanding shoppers and optimizing your site’s usability will help you improve rankings and make huge sales.
The preliminary step for tapping into your audience’s requirements is keyword data – both short-tail and long-tail keywords.
Remember that your buyers want to find exactly what they’re looking for, and sites that quickly fulfill their desire are more likely to make the sale.
At Digital Geckos, our SEO experts will extract useful data based on your geographic location and your customer’s desires.
Besides assessing what your clients are specifically looking for, providing good quality experience is a critical ranking factor.
If searches click on your website in colossal numbers, but they immediately close the page and continue scrolling downwards, Google assumes that your site doesn’t provide relevant information, and this trend can hurt you severely.

Inbound and outbound links

Without a doubt, linking your page to other sources –within and outside your website is a crucial element to make you stay at the top of the search engine results page.
However, there is a difference between merely throwing links on random anchor words and looking for specific anchor words to which you’ll link the text.
Worse still, you may observe all aspects of SEO, but your pages won’t automatically appear on the top of the search engine results page unless you hyperlink relevant URLs to appropriate anchors.
See, Google, Yahoo, and Bing use web crawlers – also known as ‘spiders’ whose job is to find the appropriate web pages and make them visible on search engines. To move across different web pages, the ‘spiders’ need to find a bridge connecting your web pages, or else it will be impossible for them to display your services to customers.
With Digital Geckos, our SEO experts will build links between pages on your website to bridge the different areas on your website.


Marketing factors aside, you’ll need SEO for fashion e-commerce to realize huge profits in your fashion business.
There are several technicalities in the way visitors see your site, and this is a significant success factor when ranking your page in the fashion world.
Evidently, developing a solid SEO strategy for our fashion business is imperative to increase the number of visitors and the rate of conversion on your website.
To ensure comprehensive coverage of all SEO aspects, contact us today and let our experts work out the magic for you.

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