SEO Audit Service

So, you have been building your website for a while, paying someone to complete SEO, or even trying to do it yourself. However, after all of the effort and money that you have put into the site, you are not getting ranked very well. You need an SEO audit service.

There are many things that you need to consider when you are trying to optimize your website for SEO. Some people know the bigger things that you need to optimize, such as headings and meta descriptions. However, there are also many other factors that you need to get right to gain the search engine results that you would like. So, the question is, what will our site audit check?

SEO Audit Service

As we are a specialist SEO company, we can check and fix many things that search engines will want to see. Here is a list of some of the parts and processes that we will look for during an SEO Audit Service:

  • Small visual bugs
  • Incorrectly structured site (SILO)
  • Badly structured schemas
  • Incomplete meta titles and tags
  • Missing meta tags
  • Over or under-optimized sites
  • A missing schema for Google
  • Manually check errors from Google Search Console
  • Local business data types on request
  • Dublin core
  • Improving Woo-commerce SEO
  • Cleaning unnecessary code, plugins, features
  • Checking or adding Breadcrumbs
  • Checking and fixing robots.txt
  • Sitemap setup
  • Checking and setting pages to be indexed or excluded
  • Finding and repairing broken links
  • Checking and cleaning htacess files
  • Cleaning 404 errors and redirect them to inner pages or homepage to not lose any “juice.”
  • Improving RSS feeds
  • Send your root domain to HSTS preload list
  • Secure headers
  • Improve image speed techniques
  • Optimize sites for social networks
  • And more

Our SEO Audit service is so comprehensive that if we listed all of the items that we check and repair, you would be reading for a long time.

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Why Is An SEO Audit Service Important?

An SEO service is critical if you want your website to rank properly, and everyone does want that. However, you need to address certain aspects:

  • 1. Each missing part of a website, no matter how small, will produce negative impacts on all of the search engines. Some examples are:
    • Slow websites
    • Crawler errors
    • Missing schemas
    • Proper SEO
  • 2. Visitors to websites do not like slow-loading sites. Studies have proven that speed really counts in this new internet age that we live in. Three of the examples that Google themselves give are:
    • Pinterest increased organic search traffic and sign-ups by a massive 15% when they decreased their load times by 40%
    • The BBC lost 10% of users for every second their site took to load
    • 53% of mobile sites get abandoned completely if they took longer than 3 seconds to load
  • 3. Having the correct local business setup will have a fantastic impact on Google map listings and local searches. For example, a search for “(???) shop near me” will not rank through SEO alone. However, if you have a listed business in that area, for that specific niche, you are more likely to appear on the results.
  • 4. Last, but certainly not least, is that having a website with many bugs is plain bad news. Your website will fail to gain views; in return, your business will suffer. In the age that we now live, having online exposure is more important than ever.
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Websites are becoming more of a requirement for businesses than a luxury. However, having a poorly performing one is almost as bad, if not worse, than not having one at all. Here at Digital Geckos, our audits are renowned for helping numerous companies and websites be faster, cleaner, more visually pleasing, and have a better source code for optimization.

In return, your customers will be happier; thus, search engines will rank you higher, and you will get more satisfied customers.

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