This is a question that we often get asked, and you are right to ask. You want to know where you are spending your money. Well, let me answer you: Because we have completed a complex schema that we have developed with the aid of an Assistant Professor for Mathematics and Combinatorics at the University of Toronto to prevent any detection of our PBNs by Google.



Blue row: Our PBNs / Others: Customers

The Principle Is Simple

Our customer’s URLs do not intersect with each other due to our specialized schema. We have a limited number of members accepted, but we will have built more by the time that you see this. That is because we bid on auction domains every week to keep increasing our capacity. The sky is the limit!

Furthermore, we do not ever throw random articles on our PBNs. We always treat all of our PBNs like they are a real site. Therefore, there is almost zero chance of detection.


We only use lengthy, expired, high-quality content. That means the content is a piece of cake for us, and we have unlimited resources.

Our sites are always populated with content and will always be. Every 3-5 paid articles we insert one non-related to other customers to make it look natural.

We DO NOT Put All of The Customer’s Posts to The Front Pages Because It Is Easier To Get Caught.


Let’s take a look at a little scenario: You are a Google employee, and you are manually checking sites. You come across a website that has lots of content on the homepage and not just excerpts like other sites. Do you think that would look a bit unnatural?

As yourself, when was the last time that you saw a real site with 10-20k words on the homepage consisting of 10-20 articles, in full? To make it worse, when was the last time you saw that scene with all of the articles about different subjects, gardening, weddings, technology, etc.? NEVER!

We know that homepage links are powerful, but they will never be safe!

How Do Our PBNs Look?

But not just that, we use so many different types of

Random example

Site 1 ​

  • Age: – 15 Years​
  • Ahrefs Metrics: DR 19, Referring domains: 289​
  • Notable links: – NY Times, Spiegel.de, FOX News, Wikipedia, LeMonde, ORF.at, LeParisien and more
  • Plugins: – All in One SEO Pack Pro, TinyPNG

Random example​ 2

Site 2 ​

  • Age: – 22 Years​
  • Ahrefs Metrics: DR 31, Referring domains: 261​
  • Notable links: – Wikipedia, BBC, Springer, Cambridge, WISC.edu, Leeds.ac.uk, Wales.ac.uk, Le Parisien and more.
  • Plugins: – SEO Ultimate, Hupso Share Buttons

So, there will be, no footprints and even a manual review will pass because the site looks as legit as any regular moderated blog.

On request we can offer a churn and burn blog post just to have an idea about our services.
6 months or one year, or for the term that you have paid.
24, 2 paid blog posts maximum each month! You never saw this before!
Of course, we are a company based in England, United Kingdom.

PBN Pricing For Packages

Below are our standard packages designed to fit most needs. However, do not hesitate to contact us should you want other, more specific requirements.

Pack of 5
$ 100 6 months
  • Niche Related Content Creation
  • 5 PBN Posts
  • Anchor recommendations provided
Pack of 10
$ 200 6 months
  • Niche Related Content Creation
  • 10 PBN Posts
  • Our best deal
  • Best for long term projects
  • Anchor recommendations provided
1 Sidebar Link
$ 50 1 Year
  • Sitewide link
  • Sidebar or Footer
  • Max 3 links / blog

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