Having a local business does not mean you have to be low down on the search engine results. Now that Google and other search engines like Bing have incorporated a business section, you can have your business found through searching for “(???) near me.”

The internet is the place that everyone goes now to find local businesses. Whether you want a plumber in your town or a shopping mall in a city that you are visiting, the first thing that you do is search for it. If there is no business listing there for you, you will never get “through the door” trade from the internet.

Citations are perfect for local search ranking, and they are also a necessity. These days sites such as Yelp, YellowPages, and other related sites show the relevance of citations. If you expect to have people searching and finding your business, there are two very crucial elements to consider:

  • Your clientele must know where you are in that specific city or country.
  • And of course what other people say about that business (reviews).

As you can see, there are some excellent benefits to having your own video advert. However, they are time-consuming and challenging to do. That is where Digital Geckos can help you. Our highly experienced team have a long history in the creation of video ads. We have increased traffic to numerous websites through video adverts that we create for our customers.



So many people use the internet to find their next purchase. They will search for anything from an HD TV to a local coffee shop. If you are that coffee shop, and you do not appear when someone searches, it will be your competitor who gets the upper hand.

Let Digital Geckos complete the boring parts of citations for you. We will handle everything from videos, photos, and more.

Better still, do not pay to have your opening hours updated if you do not want to. We will provide you with a spreadsheet that includes all of the login details for you to edit them yourself. Or, if you are not happy with that, we can change them for you.

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