Lighthouse On Gt Metrix Review

Google Lighthouse on GT Metrix – And Few Myths Busted About Score and Sites Speed!

April 26, 2020
Eddie Munteanu

A couple of days ago, GTMetrix announced on a tweet that they would implement Lighthouse from the Google Developers. We all know GT Metrix, Pingdom, and Lighthouse are the leading choices for speed, cache, and delivery testing purposes for almost any SEO enthusiast. People tend to like GT Metrix more just because it’s feeding more… Read More

Exact Metrics Exact Disaster

Exact Metrics – Exact Disaster?

February 15, 2020
Eddie Munteanu

Everyone knows how updates can improve many things in the electronic world. If you own a website, you will see that you have all of your plugins update pretty regularly. Even if you do not own or run a website, even your mobile phone will update the software from time to time. The benefit of… Read More

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