Case Study

3 Month Case Study – Combo Package

How we start with.

Here is what Ahrefs says before and after 3 months in partnership with us.

What Exactly Have We Improved?

  • URL Rank +2
  • Domain Rank +2
  • Referring domains + 130
  • Organic keywords + 25,700
  • Organic traffic + 84,500

Of course, these are public statistics available to everyone on Ahrefs. But we will try to explain simply and to the point for you to understand our style and type of work.

How Have We Done It?

You, as the customer, picks our best deal for content + bespoke SEO. Then we provide a monthly hands-off solution. 

During the first month, we analyze the site and improve most of the features, including the following:

On Page

We carefully analyze and improve more than 300 pages.

Meta Titles + Description

We analyze more than 300 pages, and we edit accordingly following Google rules. We also increase overall CTR due to engaging titles.

Content Revision

Complete check and optimization for all pages that you prefer to rank for products.

We edit: titles, headings, add internal links, external links, images, correct grammar mistakes, and punctuation, high-quality royalty-free images, table of contents, and schema, any SEO plugin as Yoast or Rank Math will be as green as grass.

Bugs & Errors

Custom 404 page
Automatically 301 redirect or invalid pages to homepage
Sitemap optimization
Media & attachment URLs redirection

Site speed & Delivery

All images optimized
Minimize redirects
Minify JavaScript, CSS, HTML
and many more

Here is the report to see for yourself.

Site Speed Before
Site Speed After

Site Security

Automatically block users snooping around for pages to exploit.
Block specific IP addresses and user agents.
Automatic daily full site backup
Local Brute Force Protection
Network Brute Force Protection
Full Strict SSL
Password-less Login
Two-Factor Authentication
Hide Back-end
Malware Scan Scheduling

Link building​

We offer a bespoke solution. Therefore, this can vary from customer to customer. However, we will explain what we did for this customer in particular.

What we did last month:

We placed the link naturally on an English page of Wikipedia with a small text edit related to our customer’s page.

As you can see, we outreached five niche related websites and place guest posts on their sites. If you make a simple comparison with any of our competitors, you will see that this kind of guest post on these high-quality websites will cost you around $900-2000.

Guest Post Service - DigitalGeckos

Yes, you read that right. We provide a link from placed with a white hat method.

Yes, you read it right again. We provide a white hat method link on two different services of Google.

Note for marketers: These are not the basic type of links from Google sites or a random page on Google Cloud buckets.

A custom written, premium press release published on more than 300 publications including,, ABC News, FOX News, CBS, CNBC, and of course, Google News.

The types of links include web 2.0, PDFs, Info-graphics, File & Image upload, free guest posts, and more. We don`t even count these at the end of the month – this is just for your information.

Keyword research

After the customer chooses the combo package, we complete custom keyword research based on their needs every month. 


Based on our customer’s requirements, and the easy to rank keywords we find, we custom build any type of article: informative, casual, friendly, business, etc.

In our package, we distribute the content in any way that the customer wants. We can build large articles up to 5000+ words each, or we can divide in 1000-1500 words. Our content packages will be up to 10.000 words a month written in US or UK style.

You don`t need to worry about posting; we will handle that for you free of charge! Yes, we do! We will build the article, custom images, put internal and external links following all SEO rules for article style.

We are so sure about what we do that we can guarantee all our articles will be above 90 score on Rank Math or full green on Yoast as readability and SEO.

We work with any site: Amazon Associates, Ads related, business blogs, guest posts, or others.