Wordpress Most Popular Plugins

Reviews, Advice and Alternatives Of The Most Popular WordPress Plugins

March 7, 2020
Eddie Munteanu

WordPress is the most used platform in the world, not just for blogging or simple sites, but also for SaaS or custom shops, just because of the power of the plugins and the ability to be easily customized for either a front or back end developer. But when it comes to customizing it, most of… Read More

Exact Metrics Exact Disaster

Exact Metrics – Exact Disaster?

February 15, 2020
Eddie Munteanu

Everyone knows how updates can improve many things in the electronic world. If you own a website, you will see that you have all of your plugins update pretty regularly. Even if you do not own or run a website, even your mobile phone will update the software from time to time. The benefit of… Read More

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy: Black, Grey, and White Hat SEO

January 24, 2020
Eddie Munteanu

SEO tactics are usually referred to as white, black, or grey, depending on the strategies and practices employed to optimize websites for search engines. Black hat SEO strategies often employ some immoral tactics, and are more often than not, a violation of search engine recommendations. White hat optimization is the complete opposite of black hat… Read More

Seo Company Client Management

Why SEO Agencies switch to SPP.co instead of other client management?

January 23, 2020
Eddie Munteanu

Selling a service isn’t a task that always comes easy, especially if you have other competitors out there that are selling the same or similar service, which can make it quite the challenge when they try to set themselves apart from one another. There are so many different aspects when it comes to managing your… Read More

Google Maps Landscape

The google maps landscape in 2020

January 23, 2020
Eddie Munteanu

As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said about 2500 years ago, “There is nothing permanent except change.” And this could not be truer than in online marketing! Contents1 The rise of google maps1.1 The benefits of google maps1.2 Google maps optimization1.3 The elements of a good Google map listing1.3.1 Conclusion The rise of google maps Indeed… Read More

Google E A T Algorithm In 2020

How to Optimize For Google’s E-A-T Algorithm in 2020

January 17, 2020

Google search is often easier to optimize than what most people think. However, now Google is putting much more focus on having authoritative and valuable content. They have publicly announced that there are about 200 smart ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. It’s not that simple as it was ten years ago. Also, Google is continually… Read More

Channel Traffic In 2020

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Channel Traffic To Your Site in 2020

January 9, 2020
Eddie Munteanu

Even in 2020, the race for ranking high on search engines remains as heated as ever. Once-held beliefs that only the quality of your content was all that mattered when it came to rankings remain no more than myths today. In today’s turbulent digital space, curating and structuring your content to appeal to search engines’… Read More

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