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Have you stumbled across BHW by accident, or has a friend has referred you? No matter what stage of Internet Marketing (IM) you are at, you are now in a world that you may never want to leave. The majority of internet marketers may feel like BlackHatWorld is just for bots and scams, but that could not be further from the truth. Yes, these things get discussed and even offered. However, if you think that they are the only thing there, you are missing out!

Damien Trevatt started his ranking journey with in 2006. The first post that I have been able to find was a welcome post by jojo88, on 02 November 2005, so if you are reading this and that’s you, congratulations! However, over the last thirteen years, it has just grown tremendously to the point you see it today.

There is a wealth of information available on this website. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most widely used sections on the eight and a half-million-strong community forum from Newbie guides to the prestige Jr VIP area.

Newbie Guides

This section is the place to begin your IM journey. The first thing that you must do in BHW though is to go through the twenty-two, comprehensive guides just on “Brand New to BHW.” After you have read through those, there is a “Newbies” section. Although these offer great information on what to do with BHW once you are there, there is an abundance of information waiting beyond those doors.

There are so many newbie guides on BHW that it can become easy to get lost. Although you may think of this as a negative, you must not. If you are starting in IM, take your time to go through some of, if not ALL of the guides that you can read. One of them is sure to spark an interest in you and keep bringing you back for more.

As this is a forum, you have got so many people who will have questions, and the experienced people in those fields will always answer them! Read through those questions and answers to find out where you should be heading, and if there is no answer to your query, you can ask the issue yourself.

Here is a short list of some of the available Newbie guides:

  • Making Money (Of course, this is what everyone wants!)
  • Low cost/Free money-making methods
  • Affiliate Networks
  • CPA
  • PPC

This list is only a few of the newbie guides that are available to you on the site. You name it; there will be a guide on it. Even if there isn’t one, there will be someone willing to help you. Just do not expect to be spoon fed here!


Sometimes, even the best of us need a little spoon feeding. This fact is especially true when you are starting in IM. There are just so many options to you that it can become confusing and overwhelming. As I have said above, while looking through BHW, there will be ideas that spark your interest more than others. For example, I despise Facebook. I would only touch it if it were the only way of making any money through IM.


While looking through the forum lists, you will see many, many methods that will go step-by-step into everything that the OP has done to get where they got. Of course, this is not a silver spoon they are using to feed you. No matter how much they tell you, you WILL have to work for it.

I would suggest finding a route that you feel comfortable with and then read all of the methods that you can on that route. This way, you will get to choose a plan that suits you too.


Journeys are a fantastic concept for two reasons:

Firstly, you get to watch other people through their journeys. They post a title like CPA + Insta Journey to $2000 a month,and then they will go through all of their steps. Some are more in-depth than others, but after reading a few of them, you will start to see patterns and reoccurrences both in fails and successes.

Journeys are a fantastic Idea because you get to try and avoid the mistakes and emulate the successes to help you with your goals.

Secondly, and possibly the most useful is that you can add your journey. It doesn’t have to be as bold as making $2000/month. It can be anything; “Journey to setting up my first WordPress website” for example. These are especially useful when you are starting, as you add your initial thoughts and processes, and people will comment and give you ideas on how to improve or some of the obstacles that you may face. As you progress in your journey, you can also add updates and new ideas too, giving you a chance for the community to add their input.

Creating your journey gives you not only valuable information on your thoughts but also a plan to stick to with positive peer pressure to keep you motivated.

Marketplace of Blackhatworld

When you have started your IM career, you are likely to be doing so, physically alone. I do not know anyone in the “real world” who is even aware of BHW. Let alone or how to start with IM. This aloneness can make it very difficult. Especially when it comes to purchasing things or services that you require for your new job. That is where the Marketplace comes in. There are thousands, if not millions of users that have their specialties in IM willing to sell them to you.

From content writing 😉 to backlinks or bots, it is highly unlikely that you will find a need for something that isn’t available there. The services that are available here are also usually very well accommodating. This accommodation is because the majority of people have been in a similar situation as you.


There will become a time when you find your feet. Perhaps you find that you have a service to offer? Jr VIP will allow you to become a seller on the Marketplace to provide your services, and it will also allow you to join the prestige Jr VIP forum for added information and support.

Here are a few of the other benefits that you can gain from becoming Jr VIP:

  • Use your signature for advertising
  • Rent your signature space to make $$
  • Rent other peoples signatures
  • Gain more review copies of services
  • Sell on the Marketplace
  • Gain access to extra content

As you can see, there are many benefits to becoming Jr VIP. There are lots of threads in the forum explaining in more detail too.

BlackHatWorld – Conclusion

This site is rivaled only by one site on the whole of the internet, but BHW is second to none. It is a great community that has grown over the years and is only sure to grow more in the future. I found that it was a slightly difficult forum to navigate at first. However, the more time that you spend there, the easier it will become. I have also found that the difficulty at the beginning was mainly due to me not knowing what all of the words meant!

As you become more and more familiar with the terminology and options you have to you, you will find that BHW is an invaluable tool for any marketer. I have even got a shortcut to it added to my desktop!