About us

About Digital Geckos

Where It Began

Years ago, in an internet land far away, we, who are now known as Digital Geckos, started working together on some personal website projects between us. We found that we had opposite, but very closely related skills that could be utilized for benefiting the Search Engine Optimization world of websites. We completed a few of the projects and began to get asked by other people to help them, too. At first, we were tentative about the idea, as we did not want to give our skills away. However, we quickly realized that we have the skills that other people not only want but need for their sites to do well.

Where We Are Now

The realization that we could help others in ways that would get high-quality information in front of the world intrigued us into the position we are in now. We have helped many clients in as many niches get to the top page of the SERPs, and we realize that this is our life mission. We enjoy getting people to where they deserve so much, that we help them with content and SEO at an amazingly reduced cost to the rest of the online marketing community.We have helped many people do many great things with their sites, and we want to help you, too, no matter what Google throws at us. It is a dual between Google and Digital Geckos, and we are ready.

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